iPoPP - Events

2 November 2013:
San Diego Computer Using Educators TechFair 2013 Conference, San Diego, California, USA

Attendees of SDCUE TechFair 2013! Please join our Connecting Youth Through iPoPP: International Projects or Partners Place session on 2 November from 11:45am-12:30pm. Learn more about iPoPP, global collaborations, and meet us in person. This session will inspire you to open the doors of the world to your students.

Click here here to find out more about the iPoPP session.

28 June 2014:
iPoPP at ISTE 2014 Conference, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Attendees of ISTE 2014! Please join our iPoPP Global Gallery session from 07:00-08:30pm. Learn more about iPoPP, meet us in person, and see really cool international project demonstrations. Click here to find out more about the iPoPP session.

Our Vision

Globally connect every student and every educator through iPoPP by 2020.

Our Mission

  • Provide a multi-lingual, online collaborative learning place for educators and youth;
  • Deliver education programs in collaboration with companies, NGOs and governments;
  • Evaluate projects, learning outcomes, academic skills and competencies;
  • Connect learners worldwide to improve themselves, their local communities, and humanity.

Join the iPoPPulation

We invite educators, schools, academic institutions, businesses, NGOs, and governmental organizations worldwide to sign up.


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