Frequently Asked Questions

1. What will iPoPP do?

iPoPP will offer integrated collaboration tools (such as secure document sharing, discussion forums, blogs, vlogs, and web publishing) to allow participants in remote learning communities to collaborate, learn together, share data, review and evaluate each others’ work, and maintain a record of learning accomplishments. iPoPP's project management tools will help teachers develop project goals, objectives, timelines and benchmarks; manage project registration and participation; and automate critical group communication tasks.

2. Will iPoPP be charging for its services?

No. We have been providing our free online services to the worldwide education community since 1984, and will continue to do so with iPoPP for as long as possible.

3. Will and eLanguages stop?

No. Our advice to you is to continue working on your projects and initiatives at and/or eLanguages as normal.

4. Can I pre-register?

Yes. By pre-registering, you are automatically joining our iPoPP mailing list, so that we can keep you informed of the latest news.

5. I already registered at What do I need to do now?

Great! Now you can pre-register with iPoPP, so that we can keep you informed of the iPoPP latest news and opportunities. Our advice is to continue your work with as normal.

6. I already registered at eLanguages. What do I need to do now?

Great! Now you can pre-register with iPoPP, so that we can keep you informed of the iPoPP latest news and opportunities. Our advice is to continue your collaborative projects on eLanguages as normal.

7. I am new to GlobalSchoolNet and eLanguages, what should I do?

First register on iPoPP. Next explore and the For now, you can register on BOTH eLanguages and GlobalSchoolNet, to start or join a collaborative project. In the future, our two sites will become integrated into a single iPoPP stop!

8. What is new for GlobalSchoolNet members?

GlobalSchoolNet members can now use eLanguages tools to create their own multilingual project places and find new collaborative partners worldwide. For now, you MUST register on BOTH GlobalSchoolNet and eLanguages. When you register on eLanguages, we suggest you register using the same GlobalSchoolNet login or account name. The iPoPP team will ensure resources and project information will be integrated in the new iPoPP environment.

9. What is new for eLanguages members?

eLanguages project owners can register their projects in GlobalSchoolNet's Project Registry. This will increase exposure for your project. Be sure to include a link to your eLanguages project. When registering on GlobalSchoolNet, we suggest you register using the same eLanguages account details (school name, email address, etc.). All your existing and new projects and resources will be integrated in the new iPoPP.

10. We are a company/organization and want to know if it is possible to become an iPoPP partner?

Yes. iPoPP is always interested in partnering opportunities that support our vision of engaging youth from around the world in educational, cultural, and scientific collaborative projects. We would be glad to learn more about your organization. As we get many such requests, it is important that you share any thoughts that you have. Please provide us with the URL of your web site, so that we may learn more about your business. You can submit your details here.

11. Are students permitted to register iPoPP projects?

No. All projects are teacher-directed. Only teachers, parent volunteers, or other designated adults may register projects. Students work under the supervision of these adults. The public can only view student work that has been pre-approved and published online with the proper permissions. Teachers can decide to give students access to moderated upload folders or to moderated discussion forums on their project pages.

12. What will happen next?

The integration of GlobalSchoolNet and eLanguages into one iPoPP will take place over the next year. So, this is YOUR chance to tell us what YOU desire most in a collaborative learning space. By pre-registering, you will join our iPoPPulation mailing list, so that we can keep you informed of the latest iPoPP opportunities.


We are happy to answer any of your other questions or queries. Please write us an email.

Our Vision

Globally connect every student and every educator through iPoPP by 2020.

Our Mission

  • Provide a multi-lingual, online collaborative learning place for educators and youth;
  • Deliver education programs in collaboration with companies, NGOs and governments;
  • Evaluate projects, learning outcomes, academic skills and competencies;
  • Connect learners worldwide to improve themselves, their local communities, and humanity.

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