iPoPP - Creative Collaboration Globally

GlobalSchoolNet.org & eLanguages.org have joined forces to offer iPoPP, a state-of-the-art, worldwide, e-learning platform for multi-lingual, project-driven collaboration. iPoPP is the center of expertise for constructivist learning methodology, collaborative learning, and future thinking strategies in education and career development, with strong links to leadership and project management principles.

Together we:
  1. Provide expertise and leadership in content-driven collaboration and e-learning (since 1984);
  2. Connect 120,000 educators from 194 countries;
  3. Manage global education competitions and award recognition programs;
  4. Implement unique evaluation, peer-review and assessment components;
  5. Work closely with communities, companies, and governments to deliver sustainable education programs.

Download the iPoPP brochure (download PDF) for more information.

iPoPP - the best thing out there!

  • iPoPP is a new state-of-the-art, worldwide e-learning platform, for multi-lingual project-driven collaboration. iPoPP, the International Projects or Partners Place, is where educators and youth from around the world can find global learning projects and partners.
  • iPoPP combines the best elements GlobalSchoolNet and eLanguages into one unified environment, designed to improve student academic achievement, prepare young people for the workforce, and give them essential skills to become responsible global citizens.
  • iPoPP gives educators a supportive community and easy-to-use tools that embrace the constructivist learning methodology, project-management principles, and future thinking strategies.
  • iPoPP offers integrated collaboration tools (such as secure document sharing, discussion forums, blogs, vlogs, and web publishing) to allow participants in remote learning communities to collaborate, learn together, share data, review and evaluate each others’ work, and maintain a record of learning accomplishments.
  • iPoPP's project management tools help teachers develop project goals, objectives, timelines and benchmarks; manage project registration and participation; and automate critical group communication tasks.
  • iPoPP provides unique evaluation and peer review components that help to inform decisions related to assessing, planning and implementing online collaborative learning at the classroom, school, district and country levels.

About GlobalSchoolNet.org

GlobalSchoolNet.org (GSN) is a nonprofit 501(c)3 international educational organization, best known as a clearinghouse for collaborative educational projects. GSN also coordinates competitions focused on diplomacy and academics for schools and youth organizations internationally, such as the U.S. State Department-sponsored Doors to Diplomacy for ages 12-19, and the International CyberFair for students in primary through high school. 90,000 members from 194 countries have registered with GlobalSchoolNet, and about 2.5 million students from 109 countries have participated in GSN projects. Global SchoolNet was established in 1984 as Free Educational Mail (FrEdMail) in San Diego, California, where the headquarters is still located.


Dr. Yvonne
Marie Andres

Global SchoolNet's executive director, co-founder and visionary.

About eLanguages.org

Available since 2003, in 23 languages, eLanguages.org (eLanguages) is one of the first multilingual collaborative platforms for educators. Currently eLanguages has 20,000 teachers from 144 countries connecting and collaborating on projects from all over the world. eLanguages is run out of Zurich, Switzerland by Rages International.

Ralph Genang

eLanguages' founder and visionary.

Our Vision

Globally connect every student and every educator through iPoPP by 2020.

Our Mission

  • Provide a multi-lingual, online collaborative learning place for educators and youth;
  • Deliver education programs in collaboration with companies, NGOs and governments;
  • Evaluate projects, learning outcomes, academic skills and competencies;
  • Connect learners worldwide to improve themselves, their local communities, and humanity.

Join the iPoPPulation

We invite educators, schools, academic institutions, businesses, NGOs, and governmental organizations worldwide to sign up.


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